Monday, 6 June 2016

lush spa leeds - Synaesthesia Review

Last Saturday I went to the Lush Spa on Commercial Street in Leeds. I was there for the Synaesthesia   treatment.

I am not going to go into a lot of details about the actual treatment itself as an element of surprise is what makes it so special.

The treatment itself lasts approximately 80 minutes with consultation time before. We arrived a little early and were given a hand and arm massage on the shop floor which was really lovely considering how busy the store was!

Hannah collected myself and my Mum (her therapist was Hannah) from the shop floor and took us down stairs into the spa where I was greeted by my therapist Beth. The Lush Spa's really are a place of wonder. Gorgeous twee details are balanced by heavy duty wooden tables and chairs. Kilner jars adorn the shelves full of Spa only products. We were sat at the kitchen style table and given water. I felt instantly relaxed and oh so happy to be there.

Our treatments were explained to us in detail. The Synaesthesia   treatment is different depending on a selection of words and feelings you choose. I won't go into too much detail there as it's something to discover for yourself.

Once that is sorted I was taken into my treatment room and was shown through sight and smell how my treatment would feel.

One thing I really enjoy and admire about the Lush Spa's is the relaxed atmosphere, I was left to undress and ring a bell when I was ready (same as the comforter treatment) - no rush. Take your time.
Then the magic happens. A 80 minute full body massage including head and face - it's not a facial but it certainly felt amazing.

The music sets the pace and you feel the rhythm of the soundtrack in the hands of your therapist. Once finished I was again left to get dressed and make my way back into the 'kitchen'. As in other spa's at this point you would probably see multiple people in dressing gowns gathered around but not here; not at Lush. They deliberately stagger appointments to avoid this where possible it is such a calming atmosphere.

I was sat down and given a cup of tea blended especially to go with the scent from my treatment. We were also gifted a massage bar and bubble bar exclusively for the Spa. These products again mirrored the selected words and feelings. Mine were ' Mind Cleanser' and 'Beautiful'.

I can only explain how I felt afterwords as euphoric. So cared for and relaxed - it was simply unforgettable and unlike anything I have ever experienced. Lush well and truly put all other spa's to shame and have really re invented the Spa as it is today.


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