Sunday, 29 May 2016

Take 5 - beauty favourites w/ THETIGERSTYLE

This post is in collaboration with Tiggen from Thetigerstyle.

A gorgeous blog that is predominately style based. Trust me, if you like my blog/IG you will probably find that is the perfect style accompaniment to

Tiggen and I discussed what would be a fun post to collab with and we decided on top 5 beauty products. Now nailing it down to 5 is quite tough and I am excited to see what Tiggen has gone with too!

1. Moisturiser

Without this my face feel lizard like. A good face cream will look after you. If you are in a pinch or like a streamlined make up bag it is also perfect to mix with a full coverage foundation so you have instant access to sheer down your coverage giving you multiple options.

2. Mascara

Need I explain myself, without the stuff my eyes just look sad. In the words of Charlotte Tilbury mascara is a 'push up bra' for the eyes...and who doesn't want that?

3. Liquid liner

For those of you that know me its rare to see me without it. I have been using the same Natural Collection one since I was 13, that's 13 years of love. If I do say so myself I've got this 'flick' thing down.

4. Mason and Pearson hairbrush

 Yes I went there. The very expensive cult brush that's been going since the 1800's and for good reason. I have had mine for years and it's still in as good nick as it was when I bought it. It really does smooth my hair, never pulls or breaks it and if it's good enough for VB, Tilbs & Mrs Pitt it's good enough for lil' ol' me.

5. Concealer

A little boring but a good concealer can hide a multitude of sins. It can soon be an eye base, highlighter, dark circle coverer and foundation if you need it to be. Some of my personal favourites are the Mac pro long-wear, Bobbi Brown corrector (little cheat there), Collection lasting perfection and the Chanel correcteur perfection.

Head over to to see Tiggen's 5 picks...see you there.

Tiggen's IG - thetigerstyle



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