Monday, 23 January 2017

It's been awhile hasn't it?

It's been awhile.

That always has and always will bring me back to being around 12 years old  and listening to the album break the cycle by Staind. My auntie bought me the album for Christmas and had to check with my mum it was okay due to the parental advisory sticker on the front.
Apologies for the distraction but now all I can hear is the cheesy yet husky lyrics on loop.

So it has been a while. Why? I honestly can't tell you. I think it has been a mixture of things. Various contributing factors that together created a rather lazy and uninspired Rosie. Fortunately that cloud seems to have lifted. I have 'had a word with myself' and appear to have walked through the fog with a crystal clear view on where I want this to go.

We are of course keeping the beauty roots. That is my main passion. I won't be doing 'life style' as much as I think that can sometimes be a little dull however style dare I say it may make a slightly more regular occurrence.

So apart from working, drinking copious amounts of coffee, coveting multiple high end purchases and smothering my dog with love not a lot has changed. Still blonde, trying to loose that stubborn stone *cough 2 stone* and unequivocally devoted to skincare.

Talk soon


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