Tuesday, 24 January 2017

It smells like you

The struggle of finding the 'signature scent' is real. Never ending and complex. Until now.

I have never been 'ok' with just picking up a scent from Boots. Don't get me wrong I have before and I still enjoy YSL black opium from time to time, I have always adored scent but found it hard to find 'the one'. I fell in love the Armani Prive Vetiver Babylone a couple of years ago I do still adore it but it wasn't quite right. A little too soft maybe. This goldilocks was searching one that was just right.

After cruising painfully trendy instagrammers two brands and two scents especially were reoccurring. Le Labo Santal 33 and Byredo Gyspy Water. Instantly falling for their simplistic aesthetic I decided I needed to give them a sniff.

I went to Liberty as it stocks both of them and I was really disappointed. The Le Labo was kind of under whelming and the Byredo was just too sweet. It was a busy Sunday and I was being pushed aside by aggressive shoppers clutching their LV speedys and VAT free forms. I walked away feeling rather disappointed but was not ready to give up.

I went back a little later and thankfully it was quieter. I sprayed Gypsy Water on my hand to give it time to settle then Santal 33 on my arm. After about an hour or so Gypsy Water smelt like sweet vanilla which is funny as one of my all time obsessions favourite bloggers TJ says to her it smells like pine and forests. This really goes to show how a 'proper' and complex EDP can smell different on everyone so please try on first don't buy online. Needless to say the sweetness put me off so I was hoping the Le Labo scent spritzed on my inner arm would be more pleasing.

Boy was it.

I was pleasantly greeted with a warm, spicy, leathery, unusual scent that instantly drew me in. It just smelt like me and I couldn't get it out of my head - or nose. I am really rather shit with explaining scent and like the above evidence confirms you need to smell it for yourself. Now I'm not gonna lie this stuff is not cheap but it lasts a very long time and I personally believe something worth investing in. Le Labo fragrances are hand poured. This means they are not sat ready mixed they are mixed just for you. The large components to each fragrance are kept in a temperature controlled 'fridge' if you like. This also means the bottle label is made then and there for you to. You'll notice on the image my name and where it was purchased.

Overall the experience was enlightening and I know truly feel I have found my scent. Of course it would be bloody expensive but once you have used up your bottle of pure heaven any Le Labo concession or store will re fill your bottle with a 20% discount. How kind.


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