Tuesday, 29 September 2015

lush spa kings road - the comforter?

"A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain softly blows over Lullaby Bay it fills the sails of boats that are waiting. Waiting to sail your worries away...."

I recently took a trip to the Lush Spa on Kings Road in London. As I turned off the busy street into the store I took a seat as I was a little early, the shop itself is lovely like any Lush inviting, friendly and full of energy as two of the ladies working there were singing along to grease lightning - you simply can't be in a Lush store without a smile on your face.
I was then taken down stairs into the spa and my shoulders instantly dropped, my bags and coat were taken from me and I was sat down at a large wooden table given some water and told all about the treatment I was about to have.
The surroundings of the spa are like no other I have ever seen, it's like a kitchen. A warm homely feeling with wooden work tops, kilner jars and tea cups - you instantly feel comfortable and intrigued. 
The Comforter? is first and foremost a exfoliating treatment but as anyone knows that has been to a salon or spa to have one of those they can often feel cold, scratchy and not very relaxing. Lush's aim and idea here is to do the opposite, what's is comforting? A hot chocolate, a warm duvet, child hood films revoking old memories? Well that is exactly what you get but the hot chocolate becomes the body scrub and the duvet - you do get to lye under it.
After completing my consultation I was taken into the beautiful treatment room, dimly lit with a rose glow and a starry sky I was left to undress, take a shower and once I was ready (there were no time constraints here) there was a bell to ring to invite my therapist back into the room.

The Treatment

As I mentioned it is an exfoliating treatment with a gorgeous warm chocolate scrub and a simply edible rose body serum, both these are solid then melted over candle light - adding to the warmth and comfort.

Both products used on me are spa only which is such a shame as I would use both at home but I guess that keeps some exclusivity and surprise in the treatment room. As I lay on a heated mattress under a warm duvet a eye mask was placed over my eyes and I was completely relaxed. My therapist then began to exfoliate my skin, to keep me cosy she did the exfoliation limb by limb so only one part of your body is exposed at one time. The scrub felt gentle and comforting as it is also enzymic it is left on them removed with hot cloths, to dry my skin ready for the serum dry cloths are used to buff away the remaining scrub - this felt like velvet. Before my therapist moved onto the serum and massage my eye mask was removed and I could see pink bubbles in the room and above me - it was simply magical, a huge smile adorned my face.
The rose serum is then applied limb by limb and lightly massaged in, then I turned onto my front and the same limb by limb again and back. The massage technique was like nothing I have ever felt, it was noticeable but not deep tissue and it did feel like the therapist was using her whole arm in the motion not just her hands. 

During the treatment the soundtrack played which was all recorded and created exclusively for Lush, the sounds were soft and dream like with delicate vocals some of my favourites were; Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

After the treatment I was left to get dressed and come back into the 'kicthen' sitting back at the large table I was handed a drink. A martini glass full of candyfloss and a bottle of rose syrup to pour over it was very sweet but it designed to perk you up. My therapist then left me to finish my drink, have some water and use the products to touch up my make up/hair etc. Overall this was a simply heavenly experience, a true escape. If you have recently had a stressful time and just need a break from reality or simply want to smile then this is for you.


The spa vouchers are sold in any of the Lush stores as well on www.lush.co.uk. Now i need to decide which treatment is next!



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