Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hair - An Update

I haven't talked hair in a while.

I'm pretty sure the last post was in relation to silver toning products. I do still stand by what I said about the two but I have found a better routine that doesn't cause any build up and keeps my Malfoy esque looks in good nick.

I'm pretty sure I owe my growing, no longer breaking, fairly strong white blonde hair to Aveda and my stylist Laura.

I have had my fair share of good and bad hairdressers/salons and now I have definitely met 'the one'.  I have always loved Aveda products as my Mum has used them for years but I honestly don't think I would hair the standard of hair I have whilst getting the lightness I require without them. It's basically magic.

This image is from my appointment in December we didn't take one this time so it has grown a little since then and we tried a slightly different toner. Also there was some breakage on my left side near the front which is now growing out beautifully.

 So what do I do?

I have an all over Aveda scalp bleach every 8-9 weeks then a tone (you'd have to book an appointment to get that magic recipe)  a blowdry and a dry cut. It's cut dry just to nibble of the necessary ends.  We also sometimes so a damage remedy treatment after toning.

At home I wash every 5 or so days I use Blue Malva shampoo, Damage Remedy conditioner then Damage remedy daily hair repair with Brilliant Damage Control spray then I use the Dry Remedy Oil. I let it air dry till is damp/dry then a quick blast with the hairdryer I run the straighteners over it ONCE A WEEK and that's it. I use the oil everyday and everynight. Then every other time I was my hair I use the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer pre shampoo treatment.

Tools - I use The Wet Brush however Laura uses a Tangle Tamer from Denman which I am going to try out and my trusty Mason Pearson.

I know it's pricey. I know. It is the price you pay to have white blonde hair if your hair is naturally a base 5/6 like mine (usually). I could just pop down to boots and spend £30 on my whole haircare regime but it would look like me.

So that's that and I am very happy. I do apologise the photo's aren't great. They are from my phone! Also as my hair is so light it reflects the wall colour/light etc so it is difficult to capture it.

My salon - stylist and colourist is Laura K-F


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