Friday, 13 July 2018

cleanser trials - glossier milky jelly

It's just a cleanser. Yet so many make so many mistakes. Glossier just do it right. It is not drying. It smells lovely. The texture is heaven.

A few things there I know not everyone agrees on - that is fine we are allowed difference opinions. Make up removal for example I don't wear long-wear makeup nor do I wear waterproof mascara and I do double cleanse. If you wear waterproof mascara I would remove that separately but a double cleanse with this will remove any foundation. Really is is the perfect face 'wash' great for rushed a.m cleanses and in the shower.

I have 'normal' skin it can be blemish prone and a little oily but it's not dry. However a lot of cleansers even those aimed at dry sensitive skin do dry mine out this does not.

The smell is a light natural rose I have heard some people (Mum I am looking at you here) say they don't like it atall but I really do.

The consistency is a milky gel can you imagine!? It has a balmy oil slip and feels like a cushion between your fingers and your face. I apply 2 pumps on a dry made up face massage it in and remove with a hot flannel. I then use one pump mixed with a little water and splash off. In the morning I just do the second step. This as a perfect ph of 4.5-5 so it will not disturb your skin like so many others.

The ideal ph of a cleanser is just that 4.5-5 as your skins ph is 5. To understand more about this please read here. It explains it far better than I can!

It doesn't make any silly claims and I think that is why I overall love Glossier as a brand so much. It is just a cleanser, a cleanser isn't on your face long enough to make you look 5 years younger, clear acne or rosacea - it just cleans.

The price is also a winner at £15. I could burst into song about this but I won't. If you have struggle to find a gentle yet effective cleanser then congratulations you just have. Do take my recommendation with a pinch salt as I can't recommend anything for extremely dry or extremely oily skin as I simply don't have either of those skin types.

Now it doesn't replace my Emma Hardie balm or Liz Earle hot cloth but it is one of (not ready to commit to the top spot yet) the best face washes I have come across and if you only want one cleanser and like using water this might just be the right one for you.


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