Sunday, 8 May 2016

The LUSH skincare test - What happened (revised)

This post is a little early but I wanted to update you all on how I got on. From the tense used there you will probably guess it's over.

Why? The cleanser Ultrabland is lovely and I have used it before. Skin changes, so currently it just isnt for me. It is very heavy and even with a hot cloth I had to heavily tone to remove it all this then broke me out as I was leaving a residue, maybe I'm doing somthing wrong so do let me know. It's simply a little rich. Other cleansing balms such as Emma Hardie or Oskia are far more vicious and dissolve when in contact with water but Ultrabland really sits here like a balm - dry skins or mature skins may love this. My mum and mother in law are both regular users.
The au roma water toner is lovely - will always use that on and off. It doesn't do anything specific but does offer some mild hydration, it's also an amazing refresher and I like to use it with my Beauty Blender.

The eye cream did nothing. My eyes are a an area I am concerned about as it's where ageing starts quite early. This eye cream is great for young and sensitive eyes.

Full of grace is dreamy. I'd urge anyone and everyone to buy this. It is so hydrating and I use this all over my neck and decollete a couple of times a week. If you like me you have a chest on the larger side you may wake up with a really attractive crease where your cleavage has squashed together when you have been sleeping using this bar before practically banishes it. Also due to the price you can just slather this on. A little rich for nightly on my face but further south it's a winner. I use this around 4 times a week it's a game changer.

Skins shangri la is a gorgeous moisturizer. An excellent and sophisticated ingredients list gives high levels of hydration. I was obviously going through a dry spell when I bought these as again this is extremely rich. I still use this when I am feeling parched. For the price and for me there are more suitable options for a day cream but if your face feels like the Sahara or you tend you go for products aimed at a mature skin then give this a try.I do love this as a night cream though and it's in regualr roation with some others.

Overall I was happy. Lush say they do the best skincare they can whilst keeping to their beliefs ethical trading. You are never going to get every product spot on with one brand

If you like simple no frills skincare then go in for a consultation - they are more than happy to provide you with samples. Needless to say I well and truly missed my Oskia cleansing gel but lush products will always have a place in my heart and on my bathroom shelf.



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