Wednesday, 11 May 2016

handbag beauty - what you need

We are all guilty of carrying too much crap in our handbags.

 One lipstick soon turns into 8 then we add 3 glosses and 2 balms for good measure. On the other side of the spectrum we can often find ourselves in need of some basics we constantly borrow from others but forget to pack. So here's the Oh Rosie tried and tested list to set you up for handbag organisation success.

  • hand cream - it smells good and doubles up as a tattoo brightener for my lizard like skin.
  • lip balm - standard.
  • lipstick - I'll allow a couple. Take your everyday nude along with an evening option.
  • bobby pins - when are they not needed?
  • bobble - as above.
  • mirrored compact - for touch ups. If this doesn't come with a brush you'll need one of those as well.
  • 'touch ups' - if your wearing lashes pack glue. Fresh manicure - take the polish for last minute chip maintenance
  • hand sanitiser - always useful. Treat yourself to something you really like the smell of this can help if someone sits next to you on the bus or train that had dodged their daily shower.
  • perfume/samples - mini samples are great to throw in your bag. They are so light and allow you to road test something new. 
  • tissues - blot lipstick/facial shine, blow your nose.
  • medical - pain relief (go for a multi-use something for cramps and headaches) along with and other medication, chuck in some emergency tampons too for good measure.

You have to be brutal - it soon gets out of hand. A bobble becomes a hair brush, then a comb and hairspray, add in dry shampoo and you might as well pack the GHDs. Obliviously customise this to what you actually need - it's just what works for me.



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