Friday, 6 May 2016

lush for 1 month - skincare test

It's just ahh a little Lush...

I have recently finished up a lot of products and haven't bought much skincare for months. I mentioned in my previous post I had ordered the Frank Body facial cream, it's nice but left my skin gagging for hydration.
My main skin concerns are;
  • dryness.
  • dehydration.
  • premature ageing.
  • odd spots.
  • un even skin tone.
I love Lush. Always have, always will. I was even a cosmetics to go customer (well my Mum was). I am currently going back to all cruelty free. I am sure I will do a separate post on that. Whilst there are many higher end cruelty free brands I just gravitated towards Lush.

I went into my local Lush shop which is on Clumber Street in Nottingham.I was served by Bex (I think that's your name) - sorry if not. She was very helpful and we seemed to share some similar skin concerns.

You already know my love towards Ultrabland. I have used some of the products before but never together in synergy.
I extras I have are cup of coffee scrub - love it. I am also sure I will be purchasing various fresh face masks as the weeks go on.

Here is my skin now in all its gory HD glory.
 So I will report back in 1 month will a full reveiw on each product and hopfully a much nicer after shot! I am not expecting miracles nor am I expecting each product to do everything for me but you never know.


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