Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Trying Something New...

A little introduction to my hair, over the years in my teens I bleached, dyed, had extensions glued and clipped. Around august 2013 my hair was down to just above my bust but it was rather straggly, I had it all chopped off into a Hannah Snowdon style graduated bob with a full fringe, although it was quite severe and very short I had finally rid my hair of all the damage. It grew out and I had it leveled so it wasn’t graduated and I had the healthiest, strongest hair. However my lesson had not been learnt and I decided to bleach it and dye it purple (I have no idea) so now I am recovering from the latest episode of hair abuse. I have regular trims and use multiple treatments and oils so here’s the latest discovery…
I am bored of buying typical boots brands; L’oreal, Dove etc that might make my hair feel healthier but really it is just coating it in silicone. I have tried natural products too Lush’s h'suan wa which is brilliant as well as coconut oil and olive oil then I thought of one type of hair care I haven’t tried. 

Afro Caribbean hair products, now as this type of hair is naturally drier I thought why not. There is a small section in my local boots where I picked up the Olive Oil Pak 99p, I then went to the market where there are several stalls that specialize in Afro Caribbean hair products/wigs/extensions and spoke to the lady there who recommended to me the Argan Oil heat protectant £4.20 and the Keratin Mask £1.
One first impression the Olive Oil Pak was too rich, after shampooing it was still there. The Argan Oil product is great and this is something I think I will continue with, the Keratin Mask I am yet to try so I will keep you posted on that.
So next time you walk on by the products designed for Afro Caribbean hair take a second to look.



  1. I have recently had the same thought process and bought some of the protein packs... Fingers crossed :D

    1. The keratin is really amazing! I've just brought the shampoo and conditioner so will update if good! X