Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Take Four - Highlighters

These four all offer something different when it comes to playing in the highlight game. Whether you want a subtle sheen or a full on drag glow there's something for everyone, with these and with any highlighter it's more how you apply and what you apply with for how natural or OTT you want to go.
First up is that old classic MAC Soft and Gentle, now this is rather glittery but still somehow manges to look day appropriate a warm champagne I think this would suit most skin tones, however the thing to remember here is I am fairly pale as you would of seen from foundation's I have shown for a Mac reference I am around a NW15.
Next up is the highlight shade from the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette, this is probably the 'sheeniest' of them all, very silky and natural  - you can't really go wrong. My personal favourite is the pigment by Illamasqua in Furore I just love this shade. Firstly is is extremely versatile, as it's a pigment you can add a tiny dusting for a daytime glow or seriously pack it on for a full on face. This also looks dreamy on the eyes, I have gone through two of these over the years and I would recommend it to everyone. Lastly the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar in Blond Opal this is quite pale so I would not use this on the cheekbones but in the corner of the eye this is perfection, it is so long lasting and brightens up any eye look, I also use this as a brow highlight if I have a full look on for a night out.
All in all I love all four of these shimmering badboys but if  I could only have one I would discard the other three for the Illamasqua any day - it's perfection.

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