Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Interview...

A new post from OR and I am so excited the lovely Rebecca from From Roses is starting it off. I have followed Rebecca's blog for years now her chic style, beautiful photographs, cute pup and ornate tattoos are very much my cup of tea.
 Here we discuss the world of blogging, tattoos and the de-tangling your dog.
Rebecca is also the editor of the beautiful website A Little Opulent .

Rosie - What was it that started your love for the world of blogging?

Rebecca -I had a blog on Tumblr for a couple of years before I moved onto blogger, it just seemed like so much fun to be able to write a little bit more and it all just started from there really. I absolutely love the blogging world, it has no limitations and the possibilities that you can do with your space are endless.

Rosie - You use a mix of high end and chemist brands, what products would you say you can save your pennies on without sacrificing quality? 

Rebecca -Items like micellar water, body moisturiser, shower gel and mascara (although YSL Babydoll is my favourite the price is painful) are all items that I think you can get something of high quality but without the price tag. I tend to spend a little more on my skincare as that is just my personal preference although most out of favourite items are still less than £20 and high end bases are something I like to treat myself to.

Rosie - What's your favourite product for your pooch? Being a fellow white dog owner I have to ask! Keeping them clean can be a struggle!

Rebecca -A strange one but it’s actually my in shower Tangle Teezer for brushing her, it gets out all the knots in her fur as well as brushing out any dirt without ever pulling at her hair. Seriously they should bring out a line for pets. 

Rosie - You have some really lovely tattoos, any plans to get anymore soon? 

Rebecca -Thanks Rosie! I do have a lot of plans to get tattooed but I’m not in a rush to get them done, I see getting them as something I want to treasure for the rest of my life so I have to make sure it’s right.

Rosie - What inspires you to blog?

Rebecca -Pretty much anything and everything, creating content excites me so much I can't imagine ever stopping. Whenever I’m feeling a little baron in the ideas department I generally like to take a step back as there is no point in forcing things.
Rosie - Finally what are your top 'can't live without' makeup products? 
Rebecca -Ohhh a tough one, a good base, a dusky pink blush, mascara and my beloved Dior Creme de Rose. 

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