Monday, 15 February 2016

Maintaining Silver Hair

As you have all seen I recently went blonde. I bloody love it.

 I think the majority of my nearest and dearest thought; 'DON'T DO IT'. Nervously waiting for the teary phone call from me. However that clearly never happened and I am SO SO happy I went for it. #itoldyoualliknewwhatiwasdoing.

Initially I went for a lilac toner which did take a little pink, especially on the ends of my hair which were more a very light blonde not white. The more I looked at images of icy white and silver hair the more my lust for snow queen hair grew. I first purchased the Wella colour charm toner in T18 from amazon formally known as 'white lady'. I was a little nervous about using this on my already bleached - to - shit hair as I also had to purchase a 20Vol developer - but it was fine. I left this on for around 10 minutes it quickly turned to a deep violet and after washing I was left with a nod Daenerys Stormborn's epic locks.

With this being a toner it is naturally going to fade out so I wanted to products to use (without any peroxide in). I took myself to a Sally's beauty supply store and purchased the L'oreal Serie Expert Silver Shampoo. I mentioned to the sales assistant I didn't want anything to turn my hair purple, she advised me the silver products have more of a blue pigment to them which gives the silver look. This was around £13 but I have seen in online a lot cheaper and it larger sizes so have a google.
Secondly I purchased the Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Pearl Silver. This is a toning product in a conditioning formula which for anyone with bleached hair is a yes.
After shampooing I towel dried my hair and slathered this on. I left in for a good 25 minutes. The instructions say 3-10 but I just kept an eye on it. After rinsing I used my usual conditioner.

I am really pleased with both of these products, The shampoo isn't conditioning at all but I use hair masks and deep conditioners every time I wash my hair.My ends are slightly blonder so without bleaching again that won't change but I'd rather leave them to grow out that than risk damage when I have got this far with very little.
 I am yet to use them separately so it is difficult to say which one is more effective but together they are a dream team.



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