Sunday, 28 February 2016

daily silver staples

I never used to be a jewellery person.

Could not be bothered. I obviously wear my engagement ring everyday but that used to quite happily sit alone. I now have a small collection of pieces I really love. Some I wear more than others but these all work together on a steady rotation. I have always been more into silver than gold. I have had gold in the past 'ghetto gold for fun' but silver is a lot more 'me' and where I prefer to invest.


The Aqua Racer from Tag Heuer. It was a 21st birthday present from my Dad. It is stainless steel with a grey mother of pearl face. I love this watch as it is a classic piece I will treasure forever. Due to the price of it I don't like to wear it on certain occasions as I am petrified of breaking/loosing it!

Casio mini watch. I bought this for occasions where I don't want to wear my Tag. It was super cheap and being digital works well for very lazy days!


Like I mentioned I wear my engagement ring all the time. The others I like to wear are both from The Great Frog in London. The soaring eagle I wear most days, the Panther is very chunky so I tend to wear this more on nights out/ days off. I adore them both.


The only necklace I ever wear is a silver horse shoe from Tiffany. Jack bought me this for my birthday last year - I never take it off.


Again I only wear one. It is also from The Great Frog London. This is the skull bangle and it was a Christmas present from my Step Mum. I love this, it's so simple.

So that's it. My minimal silver collection I go to daily.


p.s 10 points for whoever clocked the Sex in the City quote.

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