Friday, 5 September 2014

THE Lip Perfectors…

I had heard a lot of hype around the Clarins 'Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors' but thought, really how good can a neutral lip product be?
I managed to swipe one of these from my mum’s stash about a year ago but it already had it’s best days behind it and there wasn’t much product left, however adoring the feel of them on and my recent obsession with the perfectly chic Courtin–Clarin’s cousins I purchased a fresh one.

I went for the shade 4 Petal Shimmer, and no they don’t have shimmer so don’t’ worry about that one. A milky pink, they only give a nod to the shade so really you can wear any of them, I have naturally quite pink lips so I opted for the palest shade to nude them out a tad.

Now Clarins state these will make lips appear more youthful, plump and moisturised and I would 100% agree with those claims. They do what they say. I have been re applying this bad boy all day every day it seems to be this or a red lip, this has totally eradicated the need for a nude lip stick – pause for reaction. At £18 for how nice they make my lips look I would honestly say their worth it.
I have a feeling I may collect them all...

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