Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty...

This has been under trial for 4 weeks now and I think it’s about time I shout from the roof tops about just how good it is.

I have always been a lover of Lush’s fresh face masks, especially when you get one for free when returning 5 black pots – you got to love a loyalty scheme. However the fresh masks have to be used up quite quickly and I always end up throwing around 50% of them away. I was browsing their website several weeks ago and saw this baby – self preserving…what!?
No fridge storage, so no use within 3 weeks expiry date? SOLD.
It is described as a mask for face and body and is available in 2 sizes both bigger than the fresh face mask size so you’re going to get more bang for your hard earned buck. Now I have normal skin, it gets a tad oily in the t-zone throughout the day and I can get a little dehydrated but I’d say it leans more normal than an extreme combination. It contains peppermint oil so it tingles and it feels amazing especially if you’re relaxing in a hot bath, as well as honey to soothe and add a layer of natural anti septic and kaolin to draw out impurities. The perfect balance. After 10-15 minutes add some water and it becomes an effective face scrub. After use my skin feels beyond baby bum soft and looks fresh and rather perky if I do say so myself. Id say this would suit most skin types but not sensitive as it may aggravate.

P.S my fiancé is also partial to this so one for the boys.

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