Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Sunday Pamper With Liz Earle...

Its Sunday, my favourite day of week, the house is tidy the fresh bedding is on and my fiancé has brought me breakfast in bed…and it's time to pamper.
I have recently re purchased some old favourites from Liz Earle as well as a new product I had never tried.

Step 1 – Run a bath and cleanse. The creamy shower nectar in Vanilla and Saffron is beyond beautiful it has that ‘spa’ feel we all enjoy, it’s a deep rich fragrance the vanilla is a comforting soft scent – no sickly ice cream scent here. It is a shower product but is also perfect for baths and it scents my bathroom perfectly.
Cleanse with Cleanse and Polish, the cult product we all know massage it in and get the fresh muslin out.

Step 2 – Exfoliate and Mask. Cleanse and Polish gives a nice everyday mild exfoliation but once a week I like to get a tad tougher and have a good scrub. The gentle face exfoliator is so lovely, the round jojoba beads roll over your skin they don’t scratch so you can really go to town, as they are round they almost massage your skin - it feels amazing. My mask of choice from the LE range is always the Deep Cleansing Mask, I have re purchased this so many times, and it clears up your skin visibly and instantly. Yes a bold statement I know but it works, it never dries my skin out and kicks those dirty pores into touch.

Step 3– Tone, Moisturise and Treat. So you’re out the bath in your favourite dressing gown and you’re sporting an attractive towel turban. Tone, the LE Instant Boost Skin Tonic is my favourite product from the whole LE range it smells so good, so good. I sweep this over my face with a large cotton pad, it contains aloe so it adds an extra layer of moisture and any cleanser/mask residue is gone. Then its time to treat. I usually only do this step in the evening but its Sunday so Sunday rules apply - be indulgent.  I use the Superskin Oil I have the roller ball – I don’t put this directly onto my face just swirl on my hands and massage in, this smells beautiful also (actually everything from LE smells amazing if you haven’t guessed by now) I take this oil down my neck and onto my chest. Now the final step to seal it all in – Skin Repair Light, word of warning here from my experience the LE skin repairs run rather rich, I have normal skin and the normal skin repair is too rich for me so if in doubt go lighter.

There we have it I am now smelling sweet and feelingvery relaxed...Happy Sunday.

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