Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Silent Saviours...

The Tangle Teezer –
I don’t know where I would  be without this – oh wait, I would permanently have a mass of knots of my head that’s where. I am on my third one of these, they are supposed to only be used on wet hair but I use mine to blow dry and straighten with so they get a tad beaten up over time. My love for this hand hairbrush runs rather deep as I was recently away from home, didn’t have my beloved TT and a tear actually shed whilst dragging a traditional brush through my tangled locks.

The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler –
So this is what eyelash curler’s are supposed to do. Id always used random cheap lash curlers and thought they were a waste of time until I met the Shu. I was in Selfridge’s beauty hall feeling rather frivolous and walked by the Shu Uemura counter, an impulse hit and before I’d blinked I was lash curler in hand at the till. It really makes a difference, I use less mascara and they look so much longer….lash curler’s… who knew?

The Muslin Cloth –
Not the most interesting of topics but a good muslin cloth is worth it weight in gold. They exfoliate effectively, others I have tried just go soft and useless but these stand the test of time- the classic you get what you pay for I guess.  I do purchase the Liz Earle ones, this is probably a tad excessive as they cost around £2.60 each but they are doubled over, they wash well (old lady alert) and they last.


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