Saturday, 6 February 2016

how I went from black to platinum with olaplex

 How I went from basically black to lightest blonde in 7 short weeks...
Starting point. Here I had brown black hair (and extensions!)

Now my hair is pretty much finished. The ends are slightly warmer than the top but it's now at a point I am happy with, I don't want to bleach my already bleached hair anymore so it's a matter of toning as well as trimming - I'll keep you updated on that.

My hair history 

Firstly let me explain to you a brief history of my hair. I hadn't used ANY dye on my hair 2 months prior to my first bleach. Before that I had an ombre job so my ends had been lifted slightly. If you have been box dying your hair black for years I can't imagine you would get the same results as me as quickly but all hair is different - I have been very lucky.

So how did I do it?

I first heard of Olaplex around 7 months ago. I had seen so many amazing before and after photos, I then saw that Kim K transformation and continued researching. In a nut shell Olaplex repairs the damage the bleach does. It is mixed in with the bleach, then applied after. There is also a 'step 3' which is an at home treatment I am yet to use.
I started looking for salons in my area around 4 months ago but Olaplex had only recently come to the UK from what I could see. I then discovered Bliss Hair which is in Sherwood, Nottingham. I went in for a consultation and left them with a piece of my hair for a strand test. The strand had lifted to a very warm dark blonde so I thought f**k it, If I don't do it now I never will.
The 2 weeks leading up to first appointment I started to prep my hair. I used coconut oil daily, hair masks every time I washed my hair and didn't use any heat what so ever.
The third image is the day after my first appointment. I was in the salon for 5 hours. I had bleach placed on the mid lengths and ends, then once that was rinsed off I had bleach on my roots and again the mid lengths and ends. Olaplex part 1 was actually mixed in with bleach whilst the part 2 is used at the sink similar to a conditioner. 
I couldn't believe how well it had lifted and I was counting down the days until I could return! I continued looking after my hair exceptionally well using protein treatments, oils and again zero heat. 
6 weeks later I returned we pretty much did the same thing as last time but only bleached it once, we also used a purple toner as I wanted a lavender tinge. 
I then returned for a third time 1 week after that as the mid lenghs and ends needing one more blast with a low lift bleach.
Every time bleach was used I had the Olaplex treatment which is £20 per go, however there is no way I would have done it without it.

How does my hair feel? 

Honestly it feels great. It is of course slightly delicate but I really do look after my hair. As part of mt first appointment at Bliss they put together a package for me which included a protein shampoo and conditioner. I now use a hair mask every time I wash my hair - I treat it like a princess!

In regards to what products I use I will do a separate post explaining all about them. Now I have my dream hair I will play around with toners and shampoos to go between violet and white and of course I'll share any product gems with you!

I would highly recommend Sam at Bliss Hair as well as Lauren who also helped to do my hair. The service from start to finish has been exceptional.



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