Tuesday, 17 March 2015

to fringe or not to fringe?

The Fringe.

. Something many of you have had, do have or always toyed with the idea. I have had a fringe on and off for approx 8 years. I previously had a fringe cut in around 2 years ago and grew it out, the hair got to approx chin length then in a moment of #yolo I had it cut back in. I do love it, it's kind of a hair accessory so here's the yay vs the nay.

1. It hides a large forehead.
2. It hides any forehead lines or wrinkles.
3. Having a super messy 5 second hair up is far more exceptable when a neat fringe sits in front.
4. Similar to point 3 - the fringe wash. If your hair is a hot greasy mess pile it on top if your head and simply wash your fringe over the sink - instant fresh hair.

Things you need to know ;

1. Dry shampoo is life. My current favorite is the Pantene volume one - no white residue.
2. You will always need to carry a comb/brush to undo any wind damage,
3. Clips/grips are always needed when washing your face.
4. You are going to have to commit to regular fringe trims, these should be free from your hairdresser - DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF.

The 'down sides' ;

1. It will take approx 2 years to grow out if you have a full fringe like mine.
2. You are going to go through phases of not liking it - it's a love hate thing.
3. There is no quick fix, clipping it to the side when it's to short just looks weird - trust me.

So that's my fringe summery. if your thinking about it just do it. Your hairdresser will advise you if it suits you or not, and luckily for me and my large forehead it suits me just fine. It is not a 'safe bet' hair style so be prepared for some serious fringe love and hate if you want to be part of the fringe club which in my opinion is only reserved for the most bad-ass of ladies.

Also if anyone is wondering who cuts my hair and is in the Nottingham area contact the fabulous Laura Kirwan (fringe extraordinaire)  on - laura_kirwan@hotmail.com


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