Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sunday Pamper Routine

Sunday, sweet, sweet Sunday. My favourite day of the week...why? Its perfectly acceptable to be hungover, a big/fried breakfast is the norm, Mr Selfridge is on and I pamper myself from top to toe because I just can. Its important to take time for yourself, I appreciate it's not that easy for everyone but booking in a little 'me time' is vital in my book.
Through out the day it's likely I've cooked a nice breakfast for the fiance and I - my current choice is pancakes with berries (he's a sausage and egg man), lounged around, read a few blogs and walked the piglet.  First up I'll wash my hair in the shower, I don't enjoy doing this in the bath - its a faff. Then I'll pile it up on top of my head, light a candle and run a bath; my current bath product of choice is the Jo Malone bath oil in English Pear and Freesia it's simply beautiful, whilst the bath is running I'll manually exfoliate my face with the Clarins One Step Exfoliating Cleanser then apply a deep cleansing mask - now time to soak. I usually prop my ipad up and go through my favourite YouTubers uploads my top picks for sunday uploaders are ViviannaDoesMakeup, Hello October, I Covet Thee, Lily Pebbles & Lisa Eldridge. After the deep cleansing mask has been on for 15-20 minutes I rinse off and then apply a thick layer of my Emma Hardie cleansing balm as a moisturizing mask until I resemble a prawn. After the bath I complete my normal skincare routine, slather myself in my favorite body lotion from Jo Malone which is the same scent as the bath oil, and do a mini mani - this usually consists of a quick file and polish, I am so lazy when it comes to doing my nails I much prefer to get them professionally done with a gel polish but I am trying to be good this month! Then its PJ time.
The rest of the evening will be spent cuddled up with Stanley (the bunny pig frenchie) with Mr Selfridge and a cheeky glass of prosecco and/or chocolate. do you spend yours?

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