Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What Saved My Skin - Pai BioRegnerate Rosehip Oil

My skin is normally very well behaved; I get those ‘time of the month’ breakouts we all love to hate and a tad shiny down the t-zone throughout the day but never dry, sometimes dehydrated but never ever dry. I am not sure if it’s being in my mid-twenties or the harsh winter winds but my forehead especially has been so bloody dry.
I have tried the Liz Earle Superskin Oil, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Hydrating Overnight Masque, Origins Drink Up Intense and nothing has sorted it out I even leave my Emma Hardie cleansing balm  on  for about 10 minutes in the evening to try and add a shot of hydration. It was really starting to bring me down as make up wasn’t looking as good and it was just uncomfortable. I had been eyeing this ‘beauty blogger’ favourite for a while now so thought it’s now or never I also purchased something for another skincare concern but that will come in a post soon *such a tease*.
 I'll be honest it doesn’t smell great, I am a fan of the good smelling skin care, if I can’t close my eyes and imagine I am in a 5 star spa every day I am not too happy, however if something works I go with it. I think the main reason I like this so much is it’s so simple it just works. Other oils I have used have been blends so somewhere along the line they don’t do their job on my skin but this being one ingredient banished the dry skin in one go. After 2 uses I was genuinely astounded at the difference it had made for the first two days I used it morning and night but now just every night. Pai recommend 4 times a week so I will probably wean myself down to that after a full month of use to put my skin through an intensive course!

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerative Oil is available from priced at £22

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