Thursday, 21 August 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation...

First Impression – YSL Fusion Ink Foundation - 'Le Teint Encre De Peau' 

Here it is, the foundation that us beauty addicts have been waiting for with promises of greatness and even dropping NASA’s name this baby means business, so how does it hold up?

Firstly it’s YSL so it is packed beautifully. YSL are very close to my heart; from sneaking into my mum’s makeup bag and over pumping her touché éclat to being a teen with a disposable income and being told by the sales assistant; ‘once you have some gold in your make up bag you’ll never be without it’ and she was so right.

The bottle is meant to embody a tuxedo which is rather romantic as YSL created that classic piece of tailoring we all know today.

Now lets get down business, it promises a semi matte finish which I’d say is fair its very natural, anything too glowy just looks false in my opinion (on me anyway) it just looks like skin. 24 hour wear? Well I’m not sure about that nor am I sure why you’d even want it on for that amount of time *grabs cleanser* but it wears well, at the end of a 14 hour day it still looks good, not fresh application good but its still there with no dodgy separation. I have normal skin that gets a tad oily through out the day I can’t imagine this being an issue for any skin type maybe if you are an extreme so very dry or oily then an appropriate primer would be required.

I have worn this with no primer and the new YSL rosey glow facial primer and it works beautifully with both. Overall I am very pleased with this and am looking forward to seeing how it fairs over time…if your indecisive I’d say go for it, but I would so get a sample if the £30.50 price tag is a bit too much to stomach.


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