Thursday, 6 December 2018

So you are going to invest in a handbag

This is a post I have wanted to write for a long time. I myself have purchased then sold multiple designer bags over the years.
This is because they just haven't been perfect and I have never felt comfortable with them due to the cost and me not being completely obsessed. This brings me to my next point that when you do find the right bag although the initial purchase will be slightly nausea inducing you won't think about it at all after it will just be your perfect daily companion.
I personally always wanted the bag I now own but could never afford it therefore I went for the next best thing which is just a complete waste of money.
The main things you need to decide on are the size, colour and hardware colour. I have always been a silver person deep down but had moments of gold madness which also resulted in now sold purchases. I now feel I really 'know' my style, my taste and what I feel so comfortable with I don't notice, that when spending a lot of money is key.

I was always going to have a black bag but if you are a tan, red or neon pink person then honey - do you. People always say 'buy black if investing' but only you know what you will love so ignore that irrelevant rule.

See it in the flesh. This is so important, there is only so much measuring you can do if there is no way you can do this then use the measurements to create a paper version this way you can really see how it will look on your frame and roughly what you can fit inside.

Look at the leather/finish options. If this is your one big purchase then it is probably best to go for a tougher leather such as pebbled or granied. High polished leathers are dreamy but have a first class express ticket to scratch town.

Read and watch reviews. Most designer handbags are reviewed somewhere. Youtube is great if you can deal with the annoying person doing the reviewing. Another great source is Do remember though this is someone else's opinion but it is handy to see size comparisons etc.

Decide what size you really need. Similar to the 'buy black' bullshit rule we often think we should get a larger bag as it's for 'everyday' this is also a load of boohocky. I have always loved smaller bags. I don't need to carry loads. I have a rucksack I use for work then my perfect handbag for everything else. Don't talk yourself into a larger bag just to accommodate every situation it is okay to have a work bag, a night out bag, a changing 'mummy' bag and your handbag. You swap and change giving life and love to each item and using them for their purpose not over filling and abusing.

On to the bag.  The Givenchy Mini Antigona. I purchased this second hand off ebay getting an approx £400 discount from the RRP. Buying second hand is often the best way to achieve your  handbag goals.
I have always imagined being in store and having that 'whole experience' but I did have that at Chanel (my wallet) and it really wasn't anything special! I did my research to understand everything about the bag; how to tell it is genuine, when it was made, how to identify the leather, what the original item comes with as not all high end purchases come with a dust bag and a box (often fakes come with everything!).

I chose this bag as I instantly loved the design it's minimal slightly boxy shape just spoke to me. I went for the mini after hours and hours of research online and it is surprisingly roomy. Something to note here  is that I went for this size as it is the one I wanted do not compromise and go for a smaller size because it is cheaper. Wait.

Mine was 8 months old when I bought it and in perfect condition, Nearly a year on it still is. There are some minor scratches - that's going to happen and you need to except it. I do look after it though. It rarely goes on the floor and I use a leather conditioning balm around every 6 weeks.

Lastly remember you can always sell. We all make purchase mistakes as I have multiple times before. I can honestly hand on heart say I would never sell this bag (unless I became homeless).

There you go probably the most  rambly of posts but hopefully you find some part of it useful. I would highly recommend the mini Antigona for anyone wanting an everyday handbag to keep their personal belongings chic and safe.



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