Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lime Crime Velvetines

The Lime Crime Velvetines were some of the first liquid to matte lipsticks to launch back in 2012. They have had a lot of heat due to the constant controversy of Doe Deere the owner of Lime Crime and her business.

Now to be frank (I know that's not like me) I don't really care about the 'anti limecrime' hoo har. Obviously if you were effected by the security breach and lost money I am sorry for that but you know what...shit happens. Lime Crime are not the only company for this to happen to but I know a lot of of you just love to hop on that band wagon and just love to hate - I was even shamed in my local Starbucks from an employee who recognised the shade of my lips and said to me ' I'm not about that Lime Crime life anymore' well you know what babes neither am I, I just want a product that delivers and these do.

If anyone is offended by me buying Lime Crime then just click that little cross in the right hand corner of your screen.
So now the disclaimer is over let's get down to the product shall we?

I have three shades; Cashmere, Faded & Salem. I did also purchase Bleached but it was too pink for me so my lucky sister got that one.

Cashmere is a grey/lilac that looks stunning on. It is so different and was the first product to take on this grey number. Faded is a mauve/pink nude & Salem is a warm chocolate brown which looks especially stunning on.

The formula is so unique they apply as a cream then initially feel tacky but after 2-3 minutes they are completely dry and do feel just like velvet the reason I love these so much is mainly down to how non drying they are. My lips never feel dry nor does the product bunch up and lift off dry skin like some matte lipsticks can do - Mac Ruby Woo I am looking at you.

They last forever. I wear these on an 11 hour shift and with a few touch ups they still look perfect after 10+ hours wear. Now obviously a level of care is needed here; apply lip balm before application and every night before you go to bed.
I use Mac's Whirl lip liner with all of them as it's so similar to my natural lip colour and it allows me to get more symmetry and fullness with the finished result. If you have struggled with matte lipsticks before then these are your jam. I ordered mine direct from Lime Crimes's sit using paypal (to be on the safe side!) they work out around £11 each and only took 7 days to come. I have my eye on Wicked, Cement, Buffy & Jinx currently and I have a feeling they may well be ordered soon.

Be a rebel, ignore the 'keyboard warriors' opinions and treat yo self.




  1. I agree, pay safe online (eg Paypal) and you are covered. I have Buffy and love it! xxx

    1. Exactly - paypal can do know harm!! I look forward to seeing Buffy ;) xxx