Saturday, 17 October 2015


 Mmmmm what are you wearing? You smell lovely. That is the statement I have been hearing again and again of late and its down to this beauty.

Before I purchased this I was wearing Tom Ford Black Orchid daily. I do love Black Orchid and will forever be one of my 'go to' fragrances. I had been wanting something, shall we say a little more accessible? This is a lot easier on the nose it never gives that instant 'hold your breath' moment until it settles, it smells divine and is wearable instantaneously. I have had multiple compliments on this and to be perfectly honest the majority has been from men...

Now when it comes to perfumes I generally like something strong and heady - a proper perfume. Non of this celebrity endorsed surgerey sweet bullshit. However there are some lighter fragrances I love...sorry I digress. This is somewhere in between, definitely on the stronger side but for anyone that likes Tom Ford, Dior, Chanel No 5 etc this one will be for you. At first it seems quite heady and strong but it then settles to a comfortable feminine sweet with a touch if night time sexy. I am not going to embarrass myself by attempting to describe this fragrance so YSL paint the picture as;

'This fragrance opens with notes of coffee, complimented by accords of pink pepper, which lead you to the heart of vanilla, jasmine and orange blossom, drawing to a close with base notes of cedar and patchouli.'

Dreamy. I previously wore Belle Opium which was limited edition so sadly no longer available but there is something about the Opium fragrances from YSL that just does it for me, even the traditional one tempts me although a tad granny.


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