Tuesday, 13 October 2015


 It really is a chore.

Anyone else HATE washing their make up brushes? I do. The main reason I had such strong feelings was the length of time it took. I found washing my foundation brushes the worst as generally speaking I like a dense flat top brush like the Sigma F80 or the LY34 these brushes get so packed with product from continuous buffing it really gets stuck into centre of the brush. A foundation brush like that would typically take me 3-4 shampoos to get it really clean right through to the middle. I had tried so many options to clean my brushes from MAC. Estee Lauder, baby shampoo, regular shampoo but all the same.
The grim part would be constantly swirling it round and watching those expensive hairs shed away.

No more. I recently discovered the Dr Bronner's All One Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Bar Soap. It's magic, it really is. It is so so quick. Just wet the brush, spin it on the soap bar for 10 seconds rinse and its clean I have never seen anything do such a bloody good job. As previously mentioned my denser brushes did need 2 rounds but still it kicks the ass of anything else I have tried. I also use this to wash my hands daily it is an all round multi tasker. It does comes in a liquid form which I liked but was no where as effective as this.

The first ingredient in this soap bar is that wonder coconut oil so it is really hydrating for the brushes and won't leave them feeling dry. There are multiple scents to choose from I just like the peppermint as it smells so fresh.Do you want to know the best bit?

It's £4. Yep 4 English pounds so go cray and treat yourself. You can pick these up in health food stores, Waitrose, online. I purchased mine from the Selfridges beauty market.


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