Saturday, 22 August 2015

the £11.50 cleanser that outperforms my £30+ option

I have been using this everyday for exactly 7 days and I am already prepared to put it on record that I am seriously impressed and 100% confident that I simply do not need to spend anymore money, its just not necessary.

I first used Lush's Ultrabland a few years back and I instantly dismissed it. Why? It wasn't on the shelves of Space Nk or the counters of high end beauty halls nor were the modern day 'blog-ebrities' celebrating on YouTube. I am now however older wiser and see through the endorsements we often believe where quite frankly people are paid to like things, expensive things (but that's a rant for another day!).

Prior to this I was using up the remains of my Emma Hardie balm along with Oskia's renaissance cleanser - both rammed down our throats online but I fell hook line and sinker, and for good reason too. They are both great cleansers, they perform and they smell heavenly  they are also around the £30 price tag. Spending money on skincare is something I am fortunate enough to be able to do and something I enjoy but when you really think about how many benefits can you really get from something you wash on and off?
Cleanser is on your skin for seconds so call me dumb here but how miraculous can somthing really be in 30 seconds?

My mother in law to be (without knowing) prompted me to re try this as she uses it every day and I was with her last weekend when she purchased the 45g size to travel with. I had an old half used pot in the skincare stash so whipped it out and it's been love ever since. You do need to get used to the smell, at first I thought it was almost a mix of tobacco and almonds but after using it properly and giving it a fair chance I have warmed to the smell and I appreciate the goodness that is inside this modest black tub. I have been using this am & pm with a hot cloth and loving the results, my skin is so soft it is also great on the neck as I really cannot be bothered with a neck cream, this leaves a lovely moisturizing veil if you lightly wipe away the excess.
I honestly cannot understand why this cleanser does not have more of a presence in social media and the 'blogging' world I have seen it mentioned from time to time but it really does deserve to be celebrated.

Make Up Removal ;

Absolutely - even heavy mascara. I do prefer to use a micellar water first, who wants make up stains on their flannels? Not me.

The Texture ;

Thick, its much thicker than the Emma Hardie but once warmed it loosens up and is very easy to massage in.

The Removal ;

This cleanser is very rich, therefore even if you are extremely dry I would still recommend a hot cloth you can use a flannel, muslin whatever but without this you will have an oily cast left on your skin which as a one off to sleep in would be beneficial for the very dry.

The Ingredients ;

So i love it can you tell? Ask for a sample from your local Lush, ignore the smell initially. Your bank account and face will thank me.



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