Tuesday, 12 May 2015

So you want hair extensions? try a weave.

Three weeks ago I had hair extensions fitted using the 'weave method'. I used to buy the weaves of hair years ago, sew in clips and wear them whenever I wanted along with gluing them in which is one method I would seriously advise against. The glue is a biach to remove, you end up with lots of knots and after a couple of washes they come loose and you have to slap more glue in - this is not good. I had learnt my lesson and had pretty much written off extensions and decided to just look after my hair. However I am going to Glastonbury this year *squeal of excitement* and thought long wavy greasy hair looks waaay better than a bun on my head the whole time due to my awkward shoulder length do. I had been recommended a weave from a friend who said it's the best method she's had for extensions and would never have bonds again (I never wanted bonds mainly due to price). I had also been very wary of damage...until now - obviously I can't speak to soon as I still have them in so the proof will be in the pudding once their removed.

Does it hurt?

Yes, I'm a wimp. Okay it doesn't hurt but it is uncomfortable whilst they are being fitted, do you remember your mum scraping your hair into a french plait before school? It was like that! The only part that bothered me was the first few nights, night one was a struggle to lay my head on the pillow but a few pain killers made it bearable, after 4-5 nights the discomfort goes and it's not at all noticeable.

How long does it take?

I was in and out in an hour/90 minutes.

How do they do it?

Its three scalp plaits similar to corn rows, then the sheet of hair is sewn into the plait - no glue, bonds or heat.

How long does it last?

Apparently 3-4 months and so far I can't see that being a problem.


Fairly low, I only wash my hair now once a week. Obviously the weave itself doesn't get greasy so a good spray of dry shampoo allows you to stretch out the washes. Washing itself is easy, just be gentle, I lightly massage my scalp and smooth shampoo through the hair. I use a lot of leave in conditioner after and let it dry (takes about 2 hours if you can leave it naturally) if not just blow dry as you usually would. I sleep in a loose plait or a loose bun and in the morning I just run through some serum I haven't really used any heat on it - win. You do have to get them 'tightend' once every 4 weeks or so this is because as your hair grows the plaits grow away from your scalp so have them tightened keeps them nice and secure to your head.


No - like I said I haven't had it taken out but I really can't see how it could cause damage if you look after it.


I paid £180.00 for 18 inch Remy hair - you can have cheaper hair and shorter which would reflect on the price. The 'tightening' once a month is £15.

I had mine done by Jade at LA Hair & Beauty in Nottingham 

All in all I am super happy with them, after the festival I'll probably have them out for a bit just to give me a financial break as long as giving my hair some love. But i will defiantly have them again in the future!

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