Tuesday, 24 March 2015

An Edinburgh Weekend in Photos

My fiance and I recently spend three lovely days in Edinburgh. I love Scotland but havn't been in years. We had such a fabulous time and it was mostly spent sightseeing, shopping, cake eating and whiskey drinking - ofcourse there was also some haggis dining and bag pipe watching. I didn't want to go over board on the shopping whislt there as it is such a beautiful city quite frankly there are better things to do, however I did get a beautiful mint green push lock bag with my initals embossed on from The Cambridge Satchel Company and a good amount of Jo Malone from Duty - Free. Beauty shopping was retsriced but I did pick up a Louise Young LY34, some bits from Clarins aswell as the Jo Malone loot - I just couldn't help myself.
We stayed a stones throw away from the Grassmarket area and a 15 minute walk from the shopping area Princes Street. Both these areas are a must if you vist the city, my reccomendations would be; Mary's Milk Bar situated in Grassmarket for the creamiest and most delicious ice cream you have ever had, The Whiski Rooms on North Bank Street for whiskey lovers and foodies alike (ask for the whiskey mojito and thank me later), The Scott Monument which resembles somthing from Lord of the Rings - I didn't go up it as I am a massive baby but the fiance did and he said it was the best thing he did whislt we were there! A walk through the Princes Street Gardens is a must if the sun is out it is so beautiful and free - which is a good thing as it's not the cheapest place to go. In regards to nightlife we ended up staying in the same place after prosecco and cocktails with dinner, we stumbled across a bar named The Banshee Laberynth - now it's kinda cheesy, a kind of  "alternative" venue but located under ground in various tunnels and bars on different levels, it was a laugh and we had fun wandering around and finding a hidden cinema playing old horror films - cray.

Overall I loved it - if you coudln't already tell.


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