Saturday, 25 October 2014

Weekend Reading...

If anyone out there actually does a Monday – Friday then it’s now time to chill, I personally work a Saturday until 2 but I still feel rather relaxed. The oversized Bretton is on and I am looking forward to a long dog walk, an afternoon bath and curling up with a new book.

A collective of Parisian chic, adorned with beautiful photos and helpful hints this is one to dip in and out of, especially nice to flick through with your morning coffee and croissant.

This is what is says it is, straight talking. Sali guides you through all departments of any beauty lovers’ life, if you are just getting to grips with a tinted moisturizer or you are at the Pat Mcgrath level of artistry you will get on with this. Another obe that you can flick between chapters and pick and choose what to go into each time. Sali you are a genius.

This only arrived yesterday so I am yet to get into it, however a flick through and a speed read of the first chapter had me in tears. “Take my virginity, know take it” is a snippet of what is to come! Being 25 myself I am intrigued to read someone else’s experiences.

Another look at the classically chic Parisian lifestyle we like to admire and pin! This book gives a real insight into the partisan lifestyle, from what not to do with your brows to what to eat. A real good read.

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