Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The July Favourites...

The July Favourites…

What better say to welcome myself back then an overview of everything I have been loving whilst I have been in hiding. July has been a month of new loves and re kindling a connection with a product I first used about 7 years ago…

Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James

This was a present from my Mum from a recent trip to New York, I had been curious about the Nirvana scents as there is also a ‘white’ I had obviously never smelt them as they are exclusive to Sephora and cannot be shipped to the UK due to some restrictions they have online. I asked Mum to see what she thought and if there was one that smelt like ‘me’ then to get it. Result – MUM YOU DID GOOD. This intoxicating blend of Violet, Sandalwood and Vanilla is me to a T. I have worn it nearly everyday. Win.

Mac Prep and Prime BB Cream in Medium

A lazy Sunday afternoon on MAC’s youtube channel prompted this purchase, this video to be precise. I had been after a more summer appropriate base so thought I’d give this whole ‘BB’ fad a try, its safe to say I don’t care if it’s BB, CC, AA or ZZ, its bad-ass. The perfect base to even out my skin tone and thanks to some skincare products ill be moving onto this is all I have been wearing, walking the pooch or drinking cocktails. Base done.

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

I can’t see myself being without this anytime soon (she says) but it really is great, super basic and simple but it does the job. I am not into big claims especially when it comes to the ‘toning’ step. Since I have been using this my break outs have 100% reduced there is no doubt about that, I have combination / normal skin that can sometimes lean a tad dry and this is fine so don’t be put off by its description it is so gentle and as long as your teaming it with a good moisturiser your good to go. It’s the natural anti-bac I think we all need.

Lush Angel’s on Bare Skin Cleanser

Now this is the oldie – I first purchased this around 7-8 years ago. I have always adored Lush but their cleansers have never quite hit the spot for me, almost being ‘too natural’ and not really doing anything. I wanted to strip it back and just have clean healthy skin – no miracle balms or over priced oils. This was recommended to me by my lovely sister-in-law to be who actually works for Lush. I am SO IMPRESSED my skin is clear, healthy and glowing – oh yeah I went there ‘GLOWING’. I remove make-up first (obviously).

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask

I love this, it deeps cleans and doesn’t dry, it’s simply a winner my skin only ever looks better after using it, I had to mention it as I have used it twice a week all month, however there’s currently something new giving it a run for its money so keep your eyes peeled…

Gold Chain – Primark

This £3 bad boy has been round my neck all month, adding edge to a simple tee or basic dress, I love it. No gold hoops allowed.

That concludes my July favourites – thought I’d start back again with a nice long post for ya’ll. Ill be back soon I promise ;)


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