Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Best Budget Bath...

Now I love a luxury bath product; Therapies’ Himalayan Bath salts and Lush Bubble Bars to name a few….However I don’t love the price tag or the image of my partner chucking 10 baths worth of Elemis Milk Bath in one go, this got me thinking there must be a cheaper bath product that’s purse and skin friendly and so the hunt began. First stop Boots. I smelt many a bath foam, they were all synthetic or too sweet, I wanted something bed time-esque lavender without the granny! I then stumbled across this because it was on offer at the time, I have never been a fan of Simple and did not even realise they did bath and body products I un screwed the cap excepting synthetic old lady lavender and pleasantly surprised by a soft soothing scent that did not offend. Now at less than £3.00 for 400ml it’s an obvious steal! Their ‘Kind To Skin Relaxing Bath Soak’ to be exact is spot on. It does not aggravate my sensitive skin and the scent really lingers prepping me for a night of un interrupted slumber at a pinch. Now this won’t replace my indulgent splurges nor will it fix my need for high end, it will however allow me to sleep easy physically and financially. WIN.

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