Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The 5 Eye Brushes That Bring It...

These 5 babies together make eye make up application for me a piece of cake, enabling me to create a subtle swipe of colour or a full smokey look they do know wrong.

First up…The Base Shadow by Real Techniques –
This comes in a set which is kind of annoying; the other brushes aren’t really worth it and have been given away or lost! The only brush that does deserve a notable mention in this kit is the Accent Brush it's perfect for pin point concealing; however I digress back to the one in question. The base shadow as all Real Techniques is synthetic and seriously soft, it’s perfect for packing on colour and blends well, this is the more basic version of a blending brush, and it does the job.

MAC 224 –
Super fluffy this brush is a blending dream, I tend to use this when I am doing a smokey eye and want to blend over everything when I am done to make it seamless, also works well for blending concealer but as its natural bristle it can get a tad scratchy.

Sigma E45 –
What did I do before Sigma eye brushes, seriously they are SO GOOD, housed in a silver ferrule and black handle they do lend a nod to MAC, however in my opinion they are superior and a hell of a lot cheaper. Big statement and only based on this and the one to follow (and my obsession with the F80face brush)  but they have blown me away, this brush is beyond perfection when it comes to darkening the crease, it sits so well applying the colour exactly where you want it, also brill for smudging colour under the lower lash line.

MAC 239 –
I bought this brush when I had nail extensions and needed something to apply my paint pot in soft ochre (which I wear everyday) once the ghetto nails were gone it took a bit of a back seat and was put to the back of the stash, recently it has made a come back and we couldn’t be happier. The perfect brush for swiping colour over the lid and packing on colour, also nice for brow highlighting and adding light to the corner of the eye.

Sigma E25 –
*And the angels sing*
I have left the best till last. I LOVE THIS BRUSH. Its heaven, if I could have only one this would be it, its just perfection. Sigma’s answer to the MAC’s 217 at a snip. I have had the 217 years ago but found it scratchy, this is so soft and gentle. It lays down colour, blends beautifully, works well with creams and powder, and adds a one stop solution to a simple swipe of colour, okay ill stop now it’s just too perfect for words.

So leaving out brow tools that’s my eye brush arsenal tour complete.

p.s sigma is available www.love-makeup.co.uk and for the full range www.sigmabeauty.com enjoy ;)

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