Thursday, 15 May 2014

Pondering A Pink Pout...

A good bright pink lip is something we should all have in our stash, the more playful sister to the statement red and perfect for summer. I have quite fair skin and dark brown hair, and on me I use minimum eye make up and make it all about the lip, bare fresh skin and a pop of playful pink (to make the boys wink).

I  was recently drawn back the pink pout when I saw Chanel La Diva winking at me in John Lewis, but I thought ‘No Rosie you don’t wear pink lipstick walk away’ I agreed with my conscience as my old MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau is a tad Barbie and well and truly un loved. It then got me thinking I do have a similar shade; Yu by Nars, another pencil lipstick but in the satin line, still very opaque with a more semi matte finish. So the next day I played down the eye liner, did super simple make up and swiped on Yu in ore, its is bright yet so sophisticated not sugary sweet at all and it was love.
 Now obviously one bright pink is not enough and I wanted to see what the ‘drug store’ had to offer, the new release of Bourjois ‘Rouge Edition Velvet’ had me intrigued then as soon as I locked eyes with Pink Pong in boots it was in my basket before I had chance to notice the 3 for 2 offer (thank god I didn’t notice).
Pink Pong is very similar to Yu by Nars, almost identical in shade Bourjois’s offering is a liquid matte lipstick, easily applied and dries within seconds it is another winner, however it did dry out a bit through out the day but I have come to realise no formula will ever beat Nars Velvet Matte Pencils when it comes to a matte finish.
Both gorgeous if you can justify £18.00 for the Nars then do, but the Bourjois is pretty damn good at £8.99.

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