Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wanna get Naked? 2 or 3 or both. The Naked Palette's 2 + 3 Comparison...

The Naked Palettes. The perfect companions! Forget Carrie and Mr Big, Mickey and Minnie, these two are a match made in heaven..

Naked 1? Never bothered with it, at the time I was MAC obsessed and quite frankly couldn't care less about that slightly quirky brand Urban Decay, oh how the tables turned.

The Naked 2 saw Urban Decay take over a whole new image, things were looking sleeker, less garish and nude. NAKED.

The Naked 2 was a head turner, it really made me sit up and listen. Am I really spending £10 per 1.5 grams on a MAC eye shadow, when an Urban Decay in a Naked palette costs £3.08? Granted they are slightly smaller at 1.3 grams but come on...there's that beauty maths again. Palettes are always better value but Naked just makes sense.
Now don't get me wrong I adore MAC eye shadows, I've always been a MAC girl  and I'm sure if you cut me in half its written there like a piece of Brighton rock. However you simply cant deny the quality of the Urban Decay shadows.
The Naked 3 was a release towards the end of last year, a third Naked palette you say? Really? Are Urban Decay just milking this Naked line for all they can? N O.
Unlike it's predecessor which has taupe tones, Naked 3 is rosey, with warm pink based shades that are beaut (especially in the crease) and  I love to use the matte shades in 3 to blend a smokey eye (the hint of warmth in the crease adds something special and my favourite thing to do on a dark eye).

Both the palettes have 3 matte shades each, which is my ONLY criticism of them. The glitter based shadows are beautiful, but only really (for me) get used at Christmas - but that's just me being stuck in my ways. The shimmer lustre finishes are beautiful and there is no chunky glitter, just sophisticated sheen - stunning. The palette's packaging which is made of sturdy metallic tins, can really do no wrong. So many palettes have really cheap rubbish packaging now, a crime  Urban Decay have committed in previous collections, but not with the Naked series, Naked 2 is simple and sleek & Naked 3 shimmers in its rose gold ore.

Now let's get into the shades, first naturally Naked 2 -
Foxy - a matte yellow cream think MAC soft ochre in powder form. Half Baked - An Urban Decay classic, the perfect honey gold. Bootycall - a milky pearl highlight. Chopper - a champagne bronze.

Tease - I love this one , a matte taupe. Snakebite - a shimmery chocolate. Suspect - the icy sister to Snakebite. Pistol - a chocolate gun metal.

Verve - a silver taupe. YDK -light pewter/gold. Busted - a rich chocolate. Blackout - pitch black.

Naked 3 -

Strange - matte pink nude. Dust - a grown up ballerina pink. Burnout - the frosted version of Dust. Limit - my favourite shade to blend a smokey eye, matte warm brown/pink.

Buzz - glittering soft pink. Trick - rose gold. Nooner - another warm matte brown less pink than Limit. Liar - a rosey brown shimmer.

Factory - a good mid brown. Mugshot - pewter's warmer sister. Darkside - bitter chocolate with a cooler tone. Blackheart - black warmed with a red shimmer.

So there you go a whistle stop tour around the Naked 2 and 3. I can't say which one I prefer because they work so well together. Yes there are some shades I don't love but its definitely not hate. All in all the Naked palettes provide strong colour pay off in a pigmented and creamy formula....and the price is a bonus.

Are you wanting to get Naked?


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