Friday, 11 April 2014

The Tools - The Skincare Support Team...

Let's take a moment to appreciate those little things we take for granted. No-one's going to dedicate a bench to a flannel or name their child after a certain type of cotton pad -  but they deserve a lil' love all the same.

The 'extras' we use on a daily basis can really get the best out of your skincare: using old flannels that have no exfoliation to them will just rub off your cleanser and using scratchy crap cotton wool willundo the  good work of your toner.

So let's do it right!

Firstly it's the flannel -
Flannel - I love that word! I don't use these to dry my face, but in fact to remove cleanser. If you use a cream or balm, a flannel will lightly exfoliate and remove every last bit of grime which splashing with water alone  won't. Because you want to keep the lightly exfoliating nature of your flannel, you  will need to replace these every few months - hello Primark, your new BFF. Primark face cloths are amazing, you get 3 for less than £2 meaning  you can stock up and buy in bulk. When you're wiping it all over your face the flannel needs to be clean,  otherwise your just rubbing dirt back into your skin. I use a clean one every day. Fresh one in the morning then the same one in the evening.

The cotton square -
My favourite cotton pad is the Boots Baby Extra Large cotton pads, their large squares so one will do your whole face and eyes. This saves on messing about with little rounds, and you get more bang for your buck!

These two combined really do make my skincare routine easier, more enjoyable and allow your skincare do its thing.


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