Thursday, 10 April 2014

The New Thing - Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

I really didn't want to buy this cleanser, but my skins gone coco loco lately, so I'll have to explain why I did it...

I walked into Space NK last Saturday desperate for something to sort out my skin! I'm not sure what caused it, and I think the Kiehls wash was to blame - but my skin has gone crazy combination. It's become really dry and flaky on my forehead and greasy in my t-zone - enough is enough and I need it sorting. I asked the assistant what she would recommend (and when I say asked, I mean pleaded for help!). She instantly suggested the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, which at £34 ain't cheap! However, I did have a £5 reward on my Ndulge card, meaning I had to indulge.
The only reason I didn't want to purchase this one is because it's been so hyped up, everyone has raved about it and I didn't want to buy into the hype (literally), but there seems to be good reason.
Now I've only been using this since Saturday, and it was a quick turnaround: I got home, took my make up off  with my beloved bioderma and got to work. I then re-applied my make up as I was going out again and the flakes on my forehead had already gone!
I am not going to go into it any further as I'll do a proper review after a month or so of using the cleanser, but so far so good, and boy does this stuff smell good - spa good.
So that's the initial purchase we'll see what the future brings....I really want it to work *prays to skincare gods*

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