Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Food Post - Cutting down on Dairy...

Dairy free ? This seems to rather 'in' at the moment. With more and more people in the Starbucks que having soy in their skinny latte  or choosing black coffee in the morning I thought I’d share my personal favourites.

 Now let’s just get a few things straight…

     I am not vegan, I do drink cow’s milk and  I do consume dairy chocolate, cheese and butter.

I choose to have dairy alternatives to milk because I like them, and let me give you a bit of advise don’t put soya milk in tea – its nasty (in my opinion that is) its trial and error obviously they don’t taste like normal cow’s milk so it’s getting used to what you like. My partner loves the full fat apro soya milk – he drinks it like a milkshake. For me almond milk or coconut, I love the flavour and they make porridge and cereal so much tastier.

Too much dairy for me can break me out and bloat me, I am not lactose intolerant it just has this effect, and being a vegetarian I have looked into the dairy farming industry and it ain't pretty but I am not getting into to that, if you want to know about it YouTube is a wonderful thing.

For me cutting out dairy is a healthy choice whether this is cutting it from your morning coffee, butter in your sandwich or cheese in your pesto. I don’t stop myself from having dairy if I want it but I do make a conscious decision to reduce my intake. Since cutting down on dairy I notice my skin looks a lot clearer so now I discount dairy mainly for that reason.

Now don’t be fooled, there can be a lot more calories in these dairy alternatives than there is in regular skimmed or semi skimmed milk. Read the labels, go for the low fat option if you want to and try something new!

Here’s what’s currently sitting my fridge (as well as Cadbury’s chocolate, halloumi cheese and pizza!) I also adore the alpro chocolate milk cartons but I drink them all in about 5 minutes so I try not to buy them too often!

So next time you reach for the moo juice just remember there are so many other options and you might just fall in love… (side note I love milk and do treat myself to it when I want it!)


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