Friday, 4 April 2014

MAC Heroine...

Purple lips.
They are not a choice for everyone but for me, they are perfect.  I love wearing purple lipstick in the day as well as on a night out, and oh boy does this baby bring it.

Heroine first launched in 2012 and was so popular it returned as part of the permanent line March of this year. I was so pleased as I'd been eyeing the lipstick up for such a long time online, awaiting its return with bated breath.

Why? Well for a start its purple, a true purple. Although I have Up the Amp which is a pinker, softer purple alongside Violetta which, to be honest, is pretty similar but I personally find Heroine easier to wear. Heroine doesn't have the obvious shimmer of Violetta (which is a PRO shade so not the easiest to get hold of).
 I've tried it with several liners and on its own, and it always look beautiful; I particularly like it with MAC Nightmoth liner to vamp it up and MAC Prolong wear lip pencil in Fashion Boost, which provides pinker feel -  but to be honest alone it's pure perfection. The shade is not too purple to look strange or "quirky", this is purple done right, this is purple-perfection.

The formula of this shade is flawless, there are several shades with the same finish that can wear and feel different. An example of this is Ruby Woo and Russian Red: both matte, both red but Ruby Woo is rather drying and a tad chalky whilst  Russian Red glides on like butter. Fortunately Heroine takes after the latter, and provides a smooth, silky application. The lipstick is long wearing but doesn't hug dry patches, matte but not chalky. Heroine also  really stains the lips (this is something I see as a pro, because it lasts longer) which is something to bear in mind all the same. Word of warning: you can't do a quick colour change with Heroine, once it's on it's sticking around to be the centre of attention.

Swatches - left to right one swipe and heavy swatch; Violetta, Up The Amp, Heroine

Needless to say this will be my go to non-nude shade. Sorry Up The Amp, we need a break you just can't give me what Heroine can.

Considering trying out a purple lip? Do. You won't regret it.


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