Tuesday, 29 April 2014

La Roche-Posay Heroes....

I love French skincare brands….they get it right especially when it comes to their cheaper offerings; one brand that I've enjoyed for a long time is La Roche-Posay.
I have tried many products by them and never disliked any of them but these 2 have really stood out to me, one old and one new together they complete my skincare routine day and night, I have left them before but they are back and right now I'd say back for good, (anyone else singing take that now?).

Firstly is Serozinc unfortunately this is not available to buy in the UK this is my third bottle and I’ve always purchased from this eBay store…never had any problems and they ship from the UK, win.
This product fits nicely into the ‘toner’ step of my skincare routine; it’s zero fuss or frills with no extravagant promises, simply its water and zinc with a hint of salt. Serozinc – Zinc Sulphate cleansing soothing solution, a toner for problem skin it soothes irritation and can also be used for razor burn or nappy rash! Its simple and I love it.

Now on to the new moisturiser that has stolen my heart; Toleraine. This is widely available in larger Boots stores and comes in 3 different formulations which in itself is genius; a fluid for oily/combination skin, a cream for combination/normal skin and the riche formula for dry skin. I have the cream as it fits my skin’s type. Again its simple, no big claims its not promised to lift, firm, anti age, brighten, tighten or any of that BS, oh no its just going to moisturise and soothe your skin (especially sensitive skin). I have been using this morning and night for just over a month and I do love it, it does the job and I have really noticed it takes my redness down, I do have sensitive skin and  after cleansing I look a tad pink but this along with the serozinc soothe it down in no time!

So all in all I adore this duo….and the fact I can bag the both for under £30 is a win win situation in my book.

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