Sunday, 27 April 2014

DSB – The Budget Bright…

*DSB – Drugstore Beauty.

I have recently been pondering an orange/red lip, I adore my Nars velvet matte pencil in mysterious red but I have been eying up red square as I mentioned in my post on that particular red lip offering linked here.

I thought I’d try an experiment, I had heard really good things about Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in 660 In Love With Ginger, and at £6ish mark I thought sod it, ill give it a go see if I enjoy the colour then ill purchase the Nars if I do….and damn do I.

Its such a gorgeous colour, I recently went to Selfridges and swatched the Nars in Red Square as well as Tom Ford’s Wild Ginger and this literally is THE SAME, I even tried on the Tom Ford and if anything I prefer the Rimmel as it does not have that funky old lady lipstick smell that takes over your whole mouth *bad move Tom, bad move*. Now obviously a plastic tube of Rimmel is not going to compete with Tom Ford but if you’re thinking about the colour get the Rimmel but if you want to whip it out and touch up in public with a sassy hair flick then Tom Ford reigns supreme.

For me this lipstick has been a excellent introduction to the more orangey reds, if I enjoyed a glossier finish then this would be all I’d need but when it’s a bold for me I need to go matte, so watch this space Nars Red Square…..I’m a coming!

Well done Rimmel you did good.


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